Since I got married, I've had sex with 1,014 other men

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Since I got married to my worm of a husband I've cuckolded him by having sex with over 1,000 other men. Most of them have been white, but there have been a lot of black guys too, and a fair number of Asians. When I was in the Midlands, most of the men who fucked me were black. Recently however, since I've been in Bolton, there has been a steady increase of Pakistani and other Asians using me as a white slag to suck their brown cocks.


On my wedding day the best man was supposed to be the first to fuck me, but he had an STI so he didn't fuck me until a week later when it had cleared up. I didn't care at the time - I'd have let him fuck me on my wedding day, STI or not, but he didn't want me to catch it. So it was that I had to choose another man to be the first cock in my cunt before I allowed my new husband to fuck me after the wedding ceremony. I chose a Moslem Paki guy. The two photos above show me sucking his big brown cock then him stuck up my white just-married cunt and filling me with his cum. My pathetic new husband had to lick most of the spunk out of my cunt afterwards, and the residue I pissed down his throat when I used his mouth as a toilet - which I do every day.


All married white sluts like me are there to be used by any men - white, black or brown - but as the first man to fuck me after the wedding ceremony was a Paki guy, it seems fitting that I should have sex with as many Asians as possible, so these days I try to suck-off as many Pakistani men as I can. Asians think of white women as slags to be used in ways that they wouldn't treat women of their own culture.They see the way we dress - low tops and short skirts up to our cunts - and think of us as dirty white slags for their use. I have no problem with that. I am a self-admitted slag, so when Asians use me as a slag I am just fulfilling my purpose - being a white slag for Asians to use.

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