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Hi - I'm Penny Sneddon. I'm

a dominant woman married

to a weak, submissive worm

who I cuckold. I don't love

him. I feel nothing for him.


When at home I keep the worm naked and collared, and use his mouth as a toilet. I make sure

he drinks my piss every day.

I really do feel nothing for him.

I'm a slut. Since I got married

to my cuckold husband, I've sucked-off or been fucked by more than 1,000 other men - white, black & Asian. I never say no. I suck any man's cock.


I often suck-off 10-20 old men in a sex-club cinema. I make my worm of a husband

lick-up all the other men's spilt

spunk and swallow it all. 

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