Since I got married, I've had sex with 1,014 other men

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Men who have sex with other men's wives like me feel only contempt for cuckold husbands like mine. Here are a few comments about my cuckold from other men who've had sex with me.

- I like what you do to that worm you are married to.


- I love how pathetic your worthless husband looks.


- I’d fuck you hard Mrs Sneddon, then piss and shit on your pathetic husband’s face.


- I would love to fuck you and shit in the worms mouth.


- I love what you do to your husband.


- You treating your pathetic husband like shit made me so fucking hard.


- Love the way you piss on him and leave him there.


- He definitely isn't a man anymore is he, just a toilet.


- What a piece of shit he is. It’s marvellous how low you’ve brought him.


- What a poor fucking excuse for a human being it is.


- Your husband is such a pathetic cunt.


- What a loser. He is a pathetic, snivelling excuse for a man.


- I’d like to shit in your husband’s mouth and force him to swallow.


- What a weak worthless peace of crap.


- Your husband is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen.

My husband is a cuckold. He has to put up with me having sex with hundreds of other men


1. A man whose wife has sex with other men.

2. A man who loves watching his wife fuck

   other men, while he watches and wanks.

3. A weak, submissive man.

4. A man who lets his wife do what she wants

5. A man who lets his wife treat him like shit.

CUCKOLD - a weak, submissive man who lets his wife have sex with other men, lets her do whatever she wants, and lets her treat him like shit.



That perfectly describes my husband. He is a weak, submissive worm. He has to put up with me having sex with hundreds of other men. He lets me do whatever I want, and he lets me treat him like shit.


I don't love him. I feel nothing for him. All he is to me is a toilet. I use his mouth to piss in, and he has to drink it. I make him lick-up the spunk of other men after they've had sex with me, and swallow it all.